Re: RARA-AVIS: Good Hardboiled/Secret Agent stuff still in print?

MT (
Wed, 06 Jan 1999 10:44:43 -0500 <<Here is my New Year's wish to everyone on the list, coming from
another person who has more books in boxes than on bookshelves: Would
that we all had enough room in our living quarters to have a "library"
where all of our books are readily accessible.>>

Books are a nuisance....I have trimmed my collection twice in the past
year, yet the number keeps growing. It's all those damn paperbacks, Gold
Medals and such. There are so many of them. Strictly speaking, my
problem is not lack of space - I have my study and most of my library in
a large converted barn on my farm. But I cannot bring myself to expose
those tender old paperbacks to the friendly mice that, despite the
efforts of my two valiant cats and a couple of robust black snakes,
still keep me company. So the paperbacks have stayed in the house, to my
wife's frequent complaints about their garish colors, often accompanied
by mumblings about "trash". How do you explain Malcolm Braly, Donald
Hamilton, or Wade Miller to the skeptical? Life is hard.


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