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>Re Bill's question below:
>"I recall reading a review that pointed to Ian Fleming as one of the first,
>if not the first, to consistently use product names, where a typical
>realist might use generic nouns. Anyone locate this practice before
>Hammett and others would specifically mention cigarettes or tobaccos, ammo
>and weapon brands, specific types of cars, occasionally beers. - Jim

I remember Fleming's use of product names jumped out at me in a
contemporary reading of his books. He wasn't likely the first to do so, but
there was something about the way he detailed products that was unusual at
the time.

I remember reading a review of one of his books which discussed the product
fetishism of the rituals of preparation he had Bond go through.

I personally think he was just trying to give a feel of the times. While
the sixties may have been a decade we normally associate with
counter-culture, they also gave birth to a pronounced consumerism that was
very "brand" conscious.

As an example, it was a time in which wealthy people who in the past had
their suits made to order by tailors, began, instead to buy ready-to-wear
clothes from boutiques operated by designers like Bill Blass and Yves St.
Laurent. They were looking for the brand association.


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