Fwd: Re: RARA-AVIS: Hardman by Ralph Dennis

Fred Willard (fwillard@mindspring.com)
Mon, 04 Jan 1999 20:07:35 -0500 I used to drink about three stools down the bar from Ralph back in my
ne'er-do-well days. This was at George's on North Highland in Atlanta.
Toward the last he was doing a little bar tending and sweeping up the place
in exchange for a cot to sleep on in the back.

Alcohol got the better of him, but he also wrote about the life he lived
and that involved drinking and raising hell from the Stein Club on
Peachtree to the Clermont Lounge on Ponce. One of the reasons his books
have such authenticity is that he knew street life well and seemed too
enjoy living it.

A friend has most of Ralph's manuscripts if anyone is interested.

(back from the rewrite death march)

>Peter's right about the Hardman series. Top notch stuff. I believe that
>Richard Moore found Dennis working in a used-book store in Atlanta shortly
>before he died. Talk about injustice! And while you're thinking about it,
>compare the Hardman series to Parker's Spenser books. Lots of similarities.
>Dennis did a few nonseries books, too, but they're not a patch on Hardman.
>I highly recommend this series if you can find the books.

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