RARA-AVIS: Good Hardboiled/Secret Agent stuff still in print?

Roger Kurtz (rkurtz@compare.net)
Mon, 04 Jan 1999 16:51:44 -0800 Hey all,

Being the proud recipient of tons of gift certificates from Barnes and Noble for
Christmas, I'm realizing that all the good stuff we discuss on this list is
invariably out of print. I've been frequenting used book stores, but these
certificates lying fallow in my wallet is starting to bother me. I'm thinking
of just buckling down and buying the whole set of Fleming's Bond books, but I'd
like some new material as well. I love most all hardboiled fiction (except for
Cornell Woolrich, who I found a bit heavy-handed), from luminaries like
Chandler, Hammet, MacDonald (both of them), and Westlake to the new blood like
Vacchs and Ellroy. I guess I just want good, taut, dark, grim and/or funny
stuff that I can get at Barnes and Noble. I just picked up a few of Hamilton's
Matt Help books, and I like them well enough too. Any other secret agent-type
stuff besides Fleming and Trevanian that might appeal to the hardboiled fan?
Sorry for the blather, and thanks for any help you can give me. I know Black
Lizard puts out HB stuff now, and if any of those are classics, please let me
know. Again, thanks, and happy reading!


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