RARA-AVIS: Hardman by Ralph Dennis

Gary Warren Niebuhr (piesbook@execpc.com)
Mon, 04 Jan 1999 18:37:41 -0800 >While flipping through some old fanzines (can't remember which) I came across
>a piece on a men's adventure series, published by Popular Library in the
>mid-70s, called Hardman, written by Ralph Dennis.

I like this series. It is from the Spillane school, but it has better
character depth and better plots than Spillane. It is interesting that
this series started one year after Parker created Spenser and Hawk. For
those interested, I have some of the titles on my web site which is listed
in my URL below. Here is the series:

Atlanta deathwatch (1974)
The Charlestown knife's back in town (1974)
The golden girl and all (1974)
Pimp for the dead (1974)
Down among the jocks (1974)
Murder's not an odd job (1974)
Working for the man (1974)
The deadly cotton heart (1976)
The one-dollar rip-off (1977)
Hump's first case (1977)
Last of the Armageddon wars (1977)
The buy back blues (1977)

At EYECON'95, P. I. writer David Everson did a talk on Dennis. Everson was
a fan, and did a nice job of talking about the series and its effect on
him. He discovered Dennis's location when he was clerking, but by the time
he and his son travelled there, Dennis had died. If anybody wants a copy
of that tape, encourage me to go down in the basement and find it, and
maybe I can make dupes and send them along. Best, GWN

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