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Gary Warren Niebuhr (piesbook@execpc.com)
Mon, 04 Jan 1999 06:35:12 -0800 >Marvin H. Albert...by the way, is an often overlooked
>writer of some pretty good private-eye and crime novels. His Stone Angel
>series was published by Gold Medal until his death.

I agree with Bill Crider on the Stone Angel series. The series kicked off
with what appeared to be a stand alone hardcover in 1973 called THE DARK
GODDESS that explains how the American Pete Sawyer and the Frenchman Fritz
Donhoff got together. Then there was a series of US PBOs in the 80s as
Stone angel (1986)
Back in the real world (1986)
Get off at Babylon (1987)
Long teeth (1987)
The last smile (1988)
The midnight sister (1989)
Bimbo heaven (1990)
The zig-zag man (1991)
The Riviera contract (1992)

Sometimes a lot more spy-thriller than straight P. I., these books never
fail to entertain. Don't forget that besides being Tony Rome and Nick
Quarry in the P. I. genre, Albert was also the author of the one-off
historical P. I. novel by J. D. Christilian called SCARLET WOMEN. Best, GWN.

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