RARA-AVIS: Re: product placement

Sat, 2 Jan 1999 22:26:26 EST >It was about eleven o'clock in the morning, according to my >XR-7 Timex
Omnilight Sportswatch, mid-October, with the >sun not shining and a look of
hard wet rain in the clearness of >the foothills. I was wearing my Ralph
Lauren powder-blue >suit, with dark blue Arrow Excelsior shirt, tie and
display >handkerchief from the James Ellroy Collection at J.C. >Penney's,
black Thom McMann brogues, black wool Nike socks >with dark blue slashes on
them. I was neat, clean, shaved >(Nick's on Mulholland) and sober, and I
didn't care who knew it. >I was everything the well-dressed private detective
ought to >be. I was calling on four million dollars....

actually, this isn't all that different than Brett Ellis' prose in American

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