Re: RARA-AVIS: It's that Webley again/Bob Skinner(was end of year housecleaning

Mari Hall (
Fri, 01 Jan 1999 10:20:34 -0600 WHere can I get my new Bob Skinner, I thought it was not out yet???

from Mari Hall

Peter Walker wrote:
> Frederick Zackel wrote:
> > Congratulations to Bob Skinner on your new contract!
> > Lastly, I think I read somewhere that Hammett knew exactly what a rare
> > monster that Wembley was. It stood out; Spade knew it and so did the
> > cops.
> Strange but true. An Ely Bros. Webley .455 revolver turns up in the
> new Bob skinner as a killers gun. This is a slightly different model
> than the one in "The Maltese Falcon" but, as our Fred says, its
> purpose is to stand out and be noticed. Perhaps an oblique reference
> to Hammett? (In which case they don't get more oblique than this!)
> Incidently I'm really enjoying Bob's book and, on the
> strength of the first 50 pages, would recommend it. I've got a signed
> copy - number 45 - so you can all feel envious. Great cover as well.
> I'll report in full when I've finished it. Another strange - not to
> mention downright weird - thing is to come face to face with a fellow
> rara-avian on the cover of Bob's book. Did make me stop and think
> what the rest of you look like.....
> All the best for the New Year to you all.
> Peter.
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