Re: RARA-AVIS: This mea culpa will be televised.....

Mari Hall (
Sun, 06 Dec 1998 15:16:39 -0600 Have to agree, the original book by Charles Simon was non-fiction
[classed as true crime] and I remember an enjoyable read, nothing like
the series.
This broad discussion group is what keeps me reading and what keeps this
group fresh, knowledgable people discuss music, film and video as well
as TV, but it's Bill group and we have to abide by the Master.

from Mari Hall

Kevin Smith wrote:
> While I'm not suggesting we run full TV schedules here, or deconstruct and
> dissect each and every line of some tripe like Diagnosis Murder, I also
> don't think we should just automatically dismiss discussion of anything on
> television, either.
> If the actual Homicide series was in book form (not those limp, pallid
> tie-in things they released a while back), we'd be going over each book in
> loving detail. Kellerman's unexpected return has torn right through
> hardboiled, and is heading right into the guts of noirland.
> It was just a pointer to some folks on this list who might be interested in
> seeing a little slice of how it should be done, in a medium that,
> admittedly, rarely gets hardboiled right.
> Yes, by all means, the main point of the list should be hardboiled fiction,
> but let's deal with the message, not the medium.
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