Re: RARA-AVIS: Recommendation: "Easy Money" by Jenny Siler

Mari Hall (
Thu, 03 Dec 1998 20:06:43 -0600 Sorry, Peter, but Deja Dead was the WORSE book I ever read (er-attempted
to read). The Montreals sounded like North carolina; they did not act
like the Montreals I know (Carole Epstein among them). I thought it was
an attempt to be the "next Cornwell". Even the writing style and grammar
was terrible. So that would have steered me away from Siler. But thanks
to your respected recommendation I will give it a try.

from Mari Hall

Peter Walker wrote:
> Every now and them a book drops into my lap which just blows me
> away --- all the more so because its so unexpected. I don't go a
> bundle on the "tough woman" book but this, for a debut novel,is a
> cracker. So I feel compelled to share it with you.
> Written with a narrative and descriptive drive which makes it
> almost literally a book I couldn't put down (and I don't say that too
> often) this has an authority that makes an immediate impact from the
> opening pages. With a hard edge, convincing characters
> and a good use of locations it is almost breathless in its execution.
> The action set pieces, for example, are beautifully handled and very
> exciting. For these reasons it almost reads like a kind of one woman
> `Thelma and Louise' road movie. Despite the odd stylistic slip here
> and there, it is an utterly compelling read.
> The action starts in the outlaw world of freelance couriers. Allie is
> given a straight forward `drop', the "easy money" of the title. Of
> course the drop goes wrong and people get killed. Allie is pitched
> into a nightmare where one false move is fatal. Siler refuses to take
> any easy options in her writing and in so doing breaths new life into
> a familiar plot. With the recent vogue for the word `noir' and along
> with Joe Quirk's "Rush" perhaps I can be so bold as to suggest we have
> a sub-genre here, namely "courier noir".
> Siler's own life and the many jobs she's had, according to the cover
> biography, have defined her and her writing. On the evidence of this
> Siler must have one hell of a CV. There is room for improvement in
> Siler's writing which is a good thing because I can only imagine we'll
> be hearing more from her. I don't think the publishers are going to
> get many people taking them up on their offer: "As good as Deja Dead
> or your money back". And I didn't mention the word "feisty"
> once....on, shit.
> Recommended.
> "Easy Money" Jenny Siler
> Proof Pkb. Pub Orion 9.99
> ISDN 0752821369.
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