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<<<<Actually, you are almost the first person who has even known the
writer that I was referring to. Do you happen to know if "T.T. Flynn" was
the author's real name?

According to Hubin, his full name is Thomas Theodore Flynn, born 1902. Hubin
was pubbed in 79 and Flynn was still alive at the time.

As a follow-up, I checked the 2nd edition of Twentieth-Century Western Writers
(pubbed in 1991 by St James Press) edited by Geoff Sadler for any entries on
TT Flynn (I thought I recalled seeing his name on the covers of some of my
western pulps). As of this 91 edition, Flynn was still alive. In addition to
the hundreds of crime/mystery stories he wrote for the pulps, he also wrote
five western novels for Dell between 1954 and 1961 and two crime novels that
evidentally were published only in England by "Kelly": IT'S MURDER in 1950 and
MURDER CARAVAN in 1951. He also wrote an undisclosed number of western stories
for THE SATURDAY EVENING POST. Hope this helps.

Peter Enfantino
deadline press
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