RARA-AVIS: Max Byrd info

Fri, 20 Nov 1998 01:00:46 -0800 I was delighted to see reference to Max Byrd's old novels. Unusual
stuff. Max, a Harvard Ph.D. and former Assoc. Prof at Yale, author of
some daunting scholarly works, is now a distinguished prof. at Univ of
California, Davis. Sorry if you thought he was a brass knuckle type!
Very nice fellow. Writes history now, I believe.Haven't seen him in many
years. Unusual distinction: "Max Byrd" is the only real name in the
Andromeda Strain, planted there by his classmate Crichton. So for fun I
also named a character after him in my (considerably more obscure!)
Beyond Control, back in 75. --Wow, do I feel old.
All best,
George Leonard

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