RARA-AVIS: Donna? Then who's Dora? D'ya want some more-a? (Pelecanos)

E J M Duggan (ejmd@mcmail.com)
Mon, 09 Nov 1998 09:40:23 -0800 On Sun, 8 Nov 1998, Kevin Smith <kvnsmith@colba.net> wrote:

> By the way, Eddie, good critique of Pelecanos in CrimeTime.

Thank you.

> I don't agree with everything you said

Would that be a) Pelecanos is overrated, or b) Suckerman is his best
yet? ;->

> but you raised some really good points.
> I'll have to think about 'em while I'm working my way through Nick's Trip.
> Maybe we should think about reading some Pelecanos sometime...

Are you in the UK (Nick's Trip is just about out here now, I think) or
in the US (Nick's Trip has been out there some time, I belive)?
I'd always assumed you were 'over there' but it occurs to me from this
comment that you might actually be 'over here'.

BTW, everyone on this list should subscribe to Crime Time--not just 'cos
I've got a rather neat piece on Pelecanos in it, but because it really
is jolly good. Fred Willard has a cracking story in the current issue,
and there are more great articles and reviews of books, comics and films
than you could shake a stick at.


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