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> ctober 1998
> Gilmore, Hazelton Create Severed Comic Book
> Contact: chantingmonks@mediasi.com
> New York - Critically acclaimed author John Gilmore and Chanting Monks
> Studios Editor Pamela Hazelton have contracted to work on a three-issue
> miniseries on the Black Dahlia murder of 1947. Gilmore previously authored
> Severed: The True Story Of the Black Dahlia Murder, currently in its new
> edition, first printing, by Amok Books.
> The series, based on facts derived from more than 35 years of intensive
> research and interviews, will feature the life and death of Elizabeth Short,
> also known in life as the "Black Dahlia."
> Bernie Wrightson {Swamp Thing, The Punisher, The Stand (illustrations,
> special edition), various film credits} will provide one cover for the
> three-issue miniseries, as will Ken Meyer Jr. {Kilroy, Negative Burn,
> Lacunae, NightCry}.
> Mark Bloodworth {Deadworld, Hellraiser, Abel} will illustrate the series.
> Author Wayne Allen Sallee {Pain Grin, The Holy Terror, Bram Stoker Award
> nominee} is editor, and Randy Zimmerman {Arrow Comics} is artistic director.
> The murder of the beautiful Beth Short hit post-war Los Angeles like a
> bombshell. Her body, discovered in a vacant lot January 15, 1947, was
> severed in two and drained of blood. She was 22.
> According to police, the killer was never found - but behind-the-scenes
> intrigue and cover-ups cloud the issue. Is it possible that the killer could
> have been brought to justice? How did he "slip through the cracks?" Hence,
> the crime has stumped writers and investigators for years. And it attracts
> thousands to The Black Dahlia Web Site (http://www.bethshort.com), created
> by Ms. Hazelton in February 1997.
> Many years of research brought Gilmore to the point of handing LAPD
> officials "a very likely" suspect, but that suspect burned to death in a
> seedy hotel room days before the police were to question him in connection
> with the murder.
> The Severed comic book series will tell the story of murder, misfortune,
> shattered dreams and the aftermath of a crime now more than 50 years old. So
> notable, the crime has been the focus of various cable television specials,
> TV shows and a TV movie. In 1998, E! presented the case on its show, Mystery
> & Scandals.
> Gilmore is a veteran true crime writer, and an award-winning journalist. He
> has written books on notorious killers Charles Schmid and Charles Manson.
> His latest title, Laid Bare, deals with famous names {Janis Joplin, Hank
> Williams, James Dean} and their marriage with the Hollywood Death Trip.
> "It is an exciting challenge to see the shadows of the Black Dahlia story
> step into the light and take form as visual images," Gilmore says. "The
> characters here will breathe life into those odd and strange people that
> moved through the life of beautiful Elizabeth Short - a dark star of the
> war-time Hollywood night world."
> Ms. Hazelton has studied the Black Dahlia case for nine years. She has been
> editor for Chanting Monks Studios (and the former CFD Productions) since
> 1995. Ms. Hazelton also writes for various magazines and publications,
> including on-line sites.
> "Many people are fascinated with the murder of Beth Short," Ms. Hazelton
> says. "Whether because of her beauty or the severity of the crime itself, it
> is a case that will draw much attention for many more years to come."
> For more information on the series, visit the Chanting Monks Studios Web
> Site at http://www.mediasi.com/chantingmonks
> For more information on the case, visit The Black Dahlia Web Site at
> http://www.bethshort.com
> # # #
> Severed
> The Comic Book Series
> Summer 1999
> Chanting Monks Studios
> For Mature Readers
> Featuring:
> John Gilmore
> Pamela Hazelton
> Bernie Wrightson
> Mark Bloodworth
> Ken Meyer Jr.
> Wayne Allen Sallee
> Randy Zimmerman
> Tom Vincent
> Specifications:
> 3-4 b/w interior issues
> 32 pages each
> $3.95 USA each
> Signed Editions Will Be Available

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