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Ann Theis (
Mon, 28 Sep 1998 14:23:20 -0400 I can't believe this. Not enough advance orders??? The current
Kensington catalog only runs to Dec. and today is the first day I'd seen
a listing for Daddy's Gone A-Hunting on the Baker and Taylor Titlesource
database which arrived today (and trust me, I check the database every
week). I'd just added it onto the 1999 mystery hot list. How would I
have even known about it - much less placed an order before today? I
would have preordered Skinner's book without waiting for reviews, based
on previous circ and past good reviews. I would have bought 5-7 for our
library system, plus one for the Ann & Mike collection. I called
Kensington and complained - but probably to no avail.

Thanks for the information, Bill. Please reassure me that both your
Willard Scott book and Murder is an Art are still going to be available
in early 1999.

Overbooked Mystery:

Bill Crider wrote:
> I know there's some interest in the books of Robert Skinner. I was eagerly looking forward to the third book in the series. But now I may never see it. Kensington had the book set in print, had the cover designed, and even had bound galleys done. But the swine canceled publication! "Not enough advance orders" was the official reason given. If you've ever given thought to boycotting a publisher or writing an irate letter, Kensington is a deserving target.
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