Re: RARA-AVIS: Ellroy, Chandler & DeLillo

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Mon, 28 Sep 1998 10:51:01 -0500 Fred Zackel on _Brown's Requiem_:

<<I too read Brown's Requim (sp?), and to be honest I thought it was
sludge, I had already read The Black Dahlia (and others,) and was
impressed by his maniacal lyricism. When I found a copy of Brown's, I
grabbed it--and discovered he was pretty damn lucky to get it
published. To me, it reads like it was written by a high schooler on
speed. If he thought he was mimicking Chandler--the shock when he woke
up must have been massive.>>

I liked it for the very reasons Fred disliked it. The sophomoric
exagerations reminded me of the unsophisticated and violent P.I. stories
of guys like Daly and Bellem, with a touch from the "weird tales" school
of Donald Wandrei and others - though formally the book is in Ross
Macdonald territory. The whole thing has a vitality that harks back to
the old days of the pulps - in a book from 1981, this becomes pure camp.

But I do agree that a comparison of this book with Chandler's novels is
off the mark if not downright absurd.


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