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Ned Fleming (
Thu, 24 Sep 1998 02:31:28 GMT On Wed, 23 Sep 1998 12:28:07 +0000, Peter Walker wrote:

>>It's a kick-buttocks (see, I'm feeling sweet in
>>sweet petey's absence) hardboiled film.
>Who's sweet petey? Why is he absent? What are you on about?


Uh, never mind, Peter. Sweetpea is a product of my soiled imagination.
Call it: a too-much-beer-anoche-and-I-feel-like-hammered-dogshit-today
type message.

Say, if you haven't come to Noo Yawk yet, I have a couple of other
suggestions for your visit. The History Channel ran an hour-long show
last week, a re-run, I think, about the "Five Points" section of Noo
Yawk. This is an intersection where five streets meet, natch, where the
Mick/Jew/Guinea mafias were successively first formed. I may be
mistaken, but probably not, but I think it's in lower Manhattan. In
former times it was some kind of swamp/dumping ground where the latest
migrants could live cheaply. Dangerous as Hell itself. Today it looks
like some kind of shopping district, which I'm sure you'd enjoy. Puffy
shirts galore, it looked like.

Also, take a tour of Central Park. You can't beat it. A night-time trek
might be best. You can even hire a horse-drawn carriage to haul your
assets around. There's a lady that lives there you might like to meet.
Her name is Maggie, and she thinks she's the wife of the Roman God
Jupiter and the daughter of actor Robert Ryan.=20

I haven't seen the movie about her, but it sounds intriguing, in a
hardboiled way: Jupiter=92s Wife: A Haunting Real Life Mystery. New Video
Group (NVG-9415). 78 Minutes.=20

"Michel Negroponte=92s documentary follows the story of Maggie, a fortyis=
and presumably mentally ill homeless woman living in New York=92s Central
Park. Could the bevy of dogs she refers to as her children correspond to
an actual long-lost family?"

"The answers to these questions will require more thought than provided
by simply viewing the film. But the facts of Maggie=92s life and past as
they are revealed serve not only to humanize and demystify her but to
remind us that all homeless people once had homes and that often many
even had marriages, children, careers, and seemingly bright futures.
Many things can lead to homelessness. Without revealing too much, one of
the saddest moments of revelation in Jupiter=92s Wife is that while many
people choose homelessness, they often put up with it because it=92s
easier than facing the issues they would have to fight through to avoid

I stole the quotations from Jesus People USA's website. Here's the
complete URL:

The old hag sounds like a hardboiled gasser to me. Look her up, if you
get a chance, and let us know what you think.

Ned Fleming
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