RARA-AVIS: Setting the record straight. . .maybe

Victoria Esposito-Shea (vmes@sbt.infi.net)
Fri, 11 Sep 1998 13:00:32 -0500 Hi everyone,

I get ticked off by Denton privately for
congratulating another member, told by him, again privately, that "The
Dumas" is out of the question for the foreign-books month because he
like it (end of discussion),bombarded with outraged postings when I
there may be the "M" word lurking in our midst, including by a woman who
out of the closet to complain.. Geeez!

Okay. Since I haven't seen any other females commenting on Reeves'
misogynist suggestion [which seemed more like an accusation to me, but I'm
not arguing semantics here], I'm assuming that the "woman who [came] out of
the closet" was me. On September ninth, I sent the following to Reeves
(privately, since that seemed to be the proper medium for a personal


Calm down. I'm a female who's been on the list about a year, and I haven't
felt discounted because of gender--and, by their account, nor have the
other women (four or five) from the list whom I've corresponded
with. (I've been quieter than usual lately, what with one thing and
another, but I certainly feel comfortable posting when I have something to
say; also, I know some of the other members well enough to take discussions
off-list, which is why you probably don't recognize my name.)

Yours is the first and only complaint about gender bias I've heard since
I've been here. Perhaps you should take some time to get the feel of the
list before you spray it with bullets.


Reeves, since you apparently feel the need to take this public, I'll ask
you here: do I need to post a certain number of screeds to the list before
I'm allowed to comment? Do I get participation points taken off for not
speaking when I don't have anything to say? Am I a misogynist now because
I don't agree with you (as a matter of fact, my feminist credentials are in
perfectly good order, thank you very much), or do I get to call you a
misogynist because you don't agree with me? And if the earlier
communication was "outraged", how will you characterize this? In the
future, if you have something to take up with me, please come to me
directly instead of using the coy approach and taking up public discussion

The rest of you. . .sorry about this use of public space. Hope to be
reading and commenting again soon.


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