Re: RTF FAQ? (Was: RARA-AVIS: Why books are over 200 pages)
Wed, 9 Sep 1998 11:05:31 EDT Re Ed's recent definition of hardboiled. Talking about serial killers,
gender, etc., in the context of hardboiled fiction is perfectly acceptable
because it's debatable. Isn't that what dialogue is all about? If you just
want to lay down the law about what should be debated on rara-avis why don't
you find a website that fits your narrow definitions and go play there, as you
so eloquently put it. Some people find debate interesting. And your posting
was, to say the very least, rather condescending--not in the spirit of rara-
avis, in my opinion. Why inject the sour note in the perfectly calibrated
cacophony of our good-humored musings?

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