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Bill Hagen (
Mon, 7 Sep 1998 16:55:30 -0500 (CDT) Joseph wrote recently,
>One more thing about the "Naked Kiss." It is a noir that features a hard
>boiled anti-heroine instead of the HB anti-hero. Can anyone think of any
>others in the film noir universe?

Ok, I'll come out and "play" on this one. By "anti-heroine," I suppose you
mean someone who is a featured protagonist, not just the femme fatale who
lures the protagonist. In other words, someone both hard-boiled and
positive within the moral world of the film. Understood in that way, the
question is interesting:

--How about the Secretary, played by Ella Raines, in Siodmak's film of the
next group read, DG's "The Phantom Lady"? Seems to me she's the
protagonist of the film, and one of the interesting things is how
hard-boiled she has to become to get at the truth. [Won't go further since
this is for future discussion.]

--Second nomination is Peggy Cummins' character in "Gun Crazy," the 1949
version. My film reference calls her a "femme fatale," and I suppose she
is, but to the extent the film becomes a sort of "Bonnie & Clyde" picture,
with a team of anti-heroes, her love of guns and what they can do pushes
the action forward. A very good film.

Bill Hagen

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