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I was counting *Blood Money* as his 6th novel. It was roughly half the
length of the other 2 Op novels (*Blood Money* consisted of 2 serialized
installments, "The Big Knockover" and "$106,000 Blood Money," while *Red
Harvest* and *The Dain Curse* consisted of 4). It was first published
in hardcover under the title *Blood Money* in the 1940s. It has
appeared in paperback as *The Big Knockover* (not to be confused with
the 1966 short story collection), *$106,000 Blood Money*, and *Blood
Money*. The British edition of the omnibus volume *The Novels of
Dashiell Hammett*, included *Blood Money*, although the American edition
did not, and the two installments that made up *Blood Money* were
instead printed as autonomous short stories in Lillian Hellman's
aforementioned *The Big Knockover and Other Stories* collection. In
*Dashiell Hammett - A Casebook*, William F. Nolan refers to *Blood
Money* as Hammett's "first novel" since it was serialized in *BM* prior
to the other two Op novels, though it wasn't published as a book until
many years later. The two-part serial was written by Hammett in
response to Shaw's suggestion that he try a novel-length work. However,
because Shaw disliked serials, Hammett had to write each installment so
that it could stand on its own as a short story. He was under the same
constraint in writing *Red Harvest*, *The Dain Curse*, and *The Glass
Key*. Only for the *The Maltese Falcon* would Shaw relent in
"no-serials" policy. *The Thin Man* was not serialized in *BM*. - Jim

Okay, I just got up and still not really awake, but what's Hammett's
sixth? Woman in the Dark? Or Big Knockover? These probably qualify (I
forget the official word-count for a novel from college English), but I
always thought of Hammett as having written 5 novels, plus a few
novellas, or "short novels" as they are called in the subtitle to Big


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