RARA-AVIS: The Naked Kiss

joseph (joseph@sos.net)
Sat, 5 Sep 1998 15:30:58 +0100 "The Naked Kiss" 1964 Dir: Stanley Kubrick

I watched this for the first time and found very good. What is interesting
is the main character played by Constance Towers. I found her hard boiled
in the tradition of Marlowe. Hard where it was needed. I thought that it
showed the kind of hardness a nurse has to have to survive is the kind of
hardness a protaganist has to have in the hard boiled world. Of course she
learned to be hard as a prostitute.

Which leads me to another thought. In world of hard boiled the hero can be
hard boiled without any explaination (though the best stories do explain).
Heroines who are hard boiled need to be explained ie ex-prostitute, druggy
or alky.


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