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Marian Poller (
Sat, 5 Sep 1998 11:56:38 +0300 Here are the contents as listed in Hagemann's article in Clues2:2
(fall/winter 81):
J.--J. Des Ormeaux "The devil suit"
Reuben Jennings Shay "Taking his time"
Dashiell Hammett "Fly paper"
Ramon Decolta "Death in the Pasig"
Raymond Chandler "The man who liked dogs"
Norbert Davis "Red goose"
George Harmon Coxe "Murder mixup"
Paul Cain "Red 71"
Raoul Whitfield "Inside job"
Lester Dent "Sail"
Charles G. Booth "Sister act"
Thomas Walsh "Best man"
Ed Lybeck "Kickback"
Roger Torrey "Clean sweep"
Theodore Tinsley "South wind"
The book was published for $3 on Oct 21st, 1946. Shaw got $1000 from Simon
and Schuster and each writer got $50 to $100. The book got little critical
comment at the time. Will Cuppy in the New York Herald Tribune Book Review
of 24 Nov 1946 gave it 76 words and the Saturday Review of Literature 23 Nov
1946 gave it 40 words including this "twelve honeys and three turkeys...
good average... riotous repast of raw meat"
Barzun and Taylor mention only 12 stories and don't list them. Nolan's
"The Black mask boys"(1985) mentions the Hagemann article. I've checked my
listing of short story collections I own, and I can't find these stories in
them. So I'd like to know from anyone else more about the writers and their
stories and any other places where I could perhaps locate them. Thanks.
Marian Poller
Herzlyia, Israel

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