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>My top two? It's hard to say, and I'd probably change my mind if I
>thought about it more, but I know I wouldn't go wrong with _Red Harvest_
>by Hammett and _The Big Sleep_ by Chandler. If I could pick another one
>and reckoned I should make it modern I'd make it _White Jazz_, by Ellroy,
>because the style he's got is ferocious. Of course, you have to read the
>first three books of the L.A. Quartet first.

>Tigger, could you keep track of the picks and turn them into a nice
>ranked list?


I'm glad to see someone else admires the style of _White Jazz_. I've heard
negative comments about it but it knocked me over. I was not only
impressed by it, but by Ellroy's courage in doing something that original
as he was becoming a hot property. There must have been a lot of pressure
to play it safe.


Down on Ponce by Fred Willard

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