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Fri, 04 Sep 1998 12:29:25 -0500 I'm finally catching up with the pile of unread e-mail. I was unaware
that the paperback edition of Shaw's THO is abridged (I've never seen
this edition). Since the publishers state that it's an unabridged
republication, etc., I wonder if we are talking about the same
collection. What's in this paperback? I find it hard to understand why
Rosaire's contribution would be left out -it's a great story. Maybe
there were some copyright problems due to Black Mask changing hands,
authors changing agents, and so on? I recall reading that Shaw was quite
a character with very strong likes and dislikes, and that as a publisher
and agent he got into a lot of fights with writers. I find it curious
that he left out Black Mask mainstays like Frederick Nebel and Carroll
John Daly when compiling the omnibus. Maybe in retrospect he thought
they were shitty writers.

In any case, we should probably take this historical investigation to
e-mail in order not to interfere with the current discussion of James


Mario Taboada
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