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>Fred Willard wrote:
><<Reminds me of the statement by James Ellroy that Chandler wrote about
>the man he wanted to be while Hammet wrote about the man he was afraid he


>Nice to hear from you, Fred. How's the new book coming along? -- Duane

I think it's going well. I'm not really on a deadline with it, so I
decided to slow the pace a bit after finishing the first draft. I'm
working on the final draft and hope to get it out of the house in a few

I read that comment about Chandler and Hammett in a magazine from the UK
called Crime Time. I'm sure a lot of people on the list are familiar with
CT, but I only recently discovered it.

I'm quite impressed by it. It has some of the most intelligent and thought
provoking essays and criticism regarding hard boiled fiction I've seen in
any periodical.

It's a quarterly and has a new format. I've got a story in their next
edition, I believe. I'm planning on sending them more because I really
like the publication.

Nobody is going to pay for their beach house contributing to it, but I
would seriously recommend it as a venue for any hard boiled writers who
want to see their short fiction in print in the UK in an environment where
it can reach HB fans.

Here's their URL:


Down on Ponce by Fred Willard

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