Re: RARA-AVIS: What I'm reading...and why.

Carlos Andr頍oreira (
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 12:14:06 PDT Jamie Fellrath wrote:

>I realize that many of you may find this silly, to be talking about
>in a literary mailing list, but I think that it is very interesting to
>how the hard-boiled genre affected Robinson and how he shows its
>within the pages of Firearm and observations of his main character. He
>truly a student and fan of the genre and if any of you are interested
I'd be
>happy to tell you more.
>Jamie Fellrath

I really don´t think it´s unapropriate to talk about comics in a mailing
list of hard-boiled literature. There are many examples of contacts
between the two genres. The comic MAgnum SOng, for example, by
Jean-Claude Claeuix (I don´t know if the surname is written this way. I
don´t have the comic with me now), who show, in a history really
hard-boiled, characters with the faces of great movie artists. Do you


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