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Mon, 17 Aug 1998 15:50:55 -0700 William Denton wrote:
> In Block's Scudder books, there are often mentions of "SROs," which
> are some kind of hotel or boarding house. I'd only known this to
> stand for Standing Room Only, but an acronym web site turns up Single
> Room Occupancy. Is this what I'd call a bachelor apartment? One
> room, probably fairly small, with a mini-kitchen at one side (or maybe
> just a tip to go get a hot-plate) and a bathroom in a small little
> separate room? (Is this what they call a bed-sitter in the U.K.?)

Your on the mark -- the SRO (Single Room Occupancy) is typically a very
small, single-room apartment (i.e. 6 feet by 10 feet) with a hot plate
and tiny, college dorm room-type of refrigerator. It may include a small
bathroom and shower but these facilities may just as likely be down the
hall and shared with neighbors. They are typically located in run-down
parts of metropolitan areas and are primarily inhabited by individuals
one small step up from sleeping on the streets (i.e. junkies, chronic
alcoholics, and those with serious psychiatric problems who were
discharged during the deinstitutionalization which occurred in the 1960
and 70's here in the states).

With regard to the the upcoming Woolrich reading -- I'd vote for
something in the recently released omnibus (_I Married A Dead Man_,
_Waltz Into Darkness_ or _Rear Window_ and other stories) having just
received it as a birthday present!

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