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Sat, 8 Aug 1998 15:26:31 +0900 (JST) At 10:23 PM 98.8.7, Mario Taboada wrote:
> I wouldn't say that Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millone series is hardboiled -
> the reason being that the characters, especially the protagonist, are
> not hardboiled. She is a fine writer, who always comes up with ingenious
> plots. However, I find Millhone a totally unappealing character.

It's interesting opinion.I've almost always the high recommendations of this
series are owe to to her character. But when I read ALIBI FOR A, I thought
it's new hardboiled. Now I don't about the series.

> Paretsky is much more hardboiled in characterization and situations, but
> in my opinion V.I. Varshawski never came together as a character.

May ask you the reason ?

I also love Teri White and Julie Smith. I would like to know more
female writers.

By the way, would you someone help me?
I'm one of the stuff to make Sara Paretsky Homepage in Japanese
version. ( So many of you cannot read, sorry.) I'm making her
writing list, but I can' find BEASTLY TALES ;The Mystery Writers
of America Anthology. edited by Sara Paretsky. 1989. Anybody
knows which publication publised?

> Regards, and apologies for the length of this.

It's getting hard to follow this mailing list, certanly.
But it's still fun! Please write long.


Maki Nakada(aka, Hirotsuji)

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