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Mark Sullivan (
Sun, 2 Aug 1998 20:50:37 -0400 (EDT) Point Blank the movie (by the way, anybody know why they changed
Parker's name to Walker?) is based on The Hunter, although almost all of
the reprints have used the movie title. This is the first in a series
of books about the professional thief Parker by Richard Stark, one of
Donald Westlake's numerous pseudonyms (Chris Cutler, Curt Clark, Sam
Holt, Tucker Coe, etc.--speaking of which, one of Max Alan Collins's
novels is set at a mystery writers' convention in which a pair of twins
is each based on a Westlake pseudoynym).

There were 16 books in the original Parker series, plus 4 spin-offs
featuring series-regular Grofield, one of Parker's occasional partners.
Just last year, "Stark" published the first Parker in 20-something
years, Comeback. I think someone on the list recently wrote there was
to be another new one this year.

Maybe the new movie will bring some of this series back into print. If
anyone is interested, I can post the complete list of Parker books.


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