Re: RARA-AVIS: Is Brigid based on "Milady"?

Maki Nakada (
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 16:26:27 +0900 (JST) At 0:23 PM 98.7.27, K. Harper wrote:
> A possible connection
> came up this morning that intrigues me, as it may shed new light on one of
> this list's favorite characters: Brigid O'Shaughnessey.
> The character I have in mind, the villain of Alexandre Dumas' _The Three
> Musketeers_, can be described as follows:

> * Fate: Her lover arranges for her to be arrested and, eventually,
> executed. He does so in part because it is right, and in part because of
> her earlier (attempted) murder of his partner.
> Based on these similarities, I believe that Brigid O'Shaughnessey, a.k.a.
> Miss Wonderly, a.k.a. Miss LeBlanc, is, if not a conscious re-creation of
> Milady, at least strongly influenced by her.
> What do the rest of the list's _Falcon_ fans think? Do I have a basis for
> argument, or am I seeing something that isn't there? I'd be most
> interested to hear your thoughts.

Yes! What an interesting thought!
Kathy, when I read RED HARVEST at the first time,
I thought Dinah Brand was the modern figure who had
STORY. I also felt the same way about Brigid O'shaughnessey
exactly like you, even not so logical,but I believed those images
about the women in Hammet were just because
I'd been reading Alexandre Duma since age 11.
His novels influenced me a lot(so, I love adventure novels,

I respect your consideration, except for the thing that
D'Artagnan entreated other members for mercy even the
last time of Milady.
(Of course, I understand almost all men could't resist

I just came up with this mail now(sigh). So many mails


Maki Nakada(aka, Hirotsuji)

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