Re: RARA-AVIS: Send Carroll John Daly . . . to the reading list

Greg Swan (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 13:29:24 -0400 Mario Taboada wrote:
> <<I'd like to second Mario's motion. As always, Mario shines a light
> into the darkest of corners of the hardboiled genre. I, for one, have
> never been disappointed by an MT recommendation.>>
> Thank you, thank you...but, er, my straight-faced recommendation was
> also tongue-in-cheek (to add another cliche to the cascade).

[much praise of Daly sadly snipped]

No need for false modesty or even covering your tracks, Mario. Daly's
Hidden Hand is a gem. A diamond on black velvet. Here, we have the seminal
book of the hardboiled age, the missing link between the hero adventurer and
our most cherished private eyes. To call Daly's work cliched is a function
of hindsight in which stature is lost through an ensuing 70 years of
imitation. So, stand tall and be proud, Mario.

And now, although I've certainly had too much coffee, it must be time for
another cup.

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