RARA-AVIS: Send Carroll John Daly . . . to the reading list

Greg Swan (greg@swans.org)
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 12:58:01 -0700 I'd like to second Mario's motion. As always, Mario shines a light into the
darkest of corners of the hardboiled genre. I, for one, have never been
disappointed by an MT recommendation.

This book is also in print and conveniently available through Vintage New
Media at:


Cost is $5 and there's no shipping, because the book is delivered through
electronic download. Another happy side effect of this method of
publication is that the book is instantly available throughout the world.
Certainly, Carroll John Daly deserves no less.


P.S.: I prefer avocados, but am not sure they're available in the UK.

Mario Taboada wrote:
> To propose (no, to demand, and with a straight face) that we read Carrol
> John Daly's literary masterpiece _The Hidden Hand_.
> I see a slow tomato flying over the Atlantic, soon to land right there
> in the middle of the patch...Exit
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