RARA-AVIS: bad guy books

Tue, 28 Jul 1998 16:08:36 EDT > I'm a serious sucker for series following professional >criminals, but there
aren't too many of them. So can anyone >help me find more?

it ain't a series, but Lawrence Sanders CAPER is an excellent, well... caper
about a female mystery writer who decides to plan a heist in order to inject
versimillitude into her work, whose sales are lagging. she enlists the aid of
her best friend, a sexually ambiguous guy who does something like write
children's books or something. it's been awhile, I forget.

they assume false identities and work out all the details of robbing a jewelry
store, including recruiting authentic criminals to assist in their endeavour.
their plan is to call it off at the last minute, but of course things don't
always go according to plan and Sanders excellent thriller construction kicks
into high gear.

I've read a lot of Sanders that I liked, but geez the man was prolific.
thinking of picking up his McNally series. anyone have an opinion on them and
can list them in order? muchas gracias.

John Lau
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