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Etienne Borgers (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 13:43:54 +0800 (SGT) Brian Long wrote:
>On a completely different note, I thought that it would be interesting to
>use the general model (albeit more informally) of the book discussions to
>start a more systematic discussion of films in the genre. It has been (as
>far as I've seen) disparate remarks on good or bad movies out. Would
>anyone else be interested in doing something like this? We could possibly
>have the list farther ahead than the reading list, as movies are often more
>difficult to find copies of. Just a random thought.
>To switch topics again, I was looking at the Black Lizard copy of _The
>Postman Always Rings Twice_ and on the back it said that "[_Postman_] was
>acknowledged by Albert Camus as the model for _The Stranger_." I hadn't
>heard this before and was curious just where he said this.
>Brian Long

I think the idea of Brian Long is on target!
Even if there are some rare discussions about films here, we could
contemplate to pick one per month to open a general discussion.
HB and Noir films is a very important segment of these genres and were many
time the refuge for good works on screen during times where HB.Noir books
were despised or ignored. Or, were in symbiosis with the genres during the
classic <for films>period of the 40's to end 50's.
I personally would suggest to take alternatively one classic and one modern
(=post fifties), monthly.
I could even suggest to start with:
"Kiss Me Deadly" by R.Aldrich (available in video cassette and LD) for the
"Point Blank" by John Boorman (the version with Lee Marvin...) for the modern

I personally cannot understand why "The Postman..." by Cain should be the
model for Camus' novel!
If you remember, The Stranger is about gratuitous (purposeless) act - a
murder here- and I do not see any parallel with Cain for writing,
intentions or plot.
On the contrary it is a recognized fact that some techniques of writing and
ambiance was taken from the masterpiece by Horace Mc Coy: "They Shoot
Horses, don't They?"- the set-up for the trial of the central male
character (very effective piece of writing and style) that was really taken
by Camus for his own "The Stranger", is a clear example.

Maybe other followers could confirm...?


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