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James Rogers (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 23:31:49 -0500 (CDT) At 12:10 AM 7/28/98 -0400, Brian Long wrote:
>On a completely different note, I thought that it would be interesting to
>use the general model (albeit more informally) of the book discussions to
>start a more systematic discussion of films in the genre. It has been (as
>far as I've seen) disparate remarks on good or bad movies out. Would
>anyone else be interested in doing something like this? We could possibly
>have the list farther ahead than the reading list, as movies are often more
>difficult to find copies of. Just a random thought.

This occasionally has come up while I have been a subscriber,
and our list owner has scotched it as I recall. I think rightly. We all *do*
bring up movies from time to time, but I think that the focus should remain
on the slightly less trendy area of written works. There is probably room
for a film noir list, though, should anyone have the energy to start one.

James Michael Rogers

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