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Mark Sullivan (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 12:25:20 -0400 (EDT) I also enjoy the Disher books. Thanks for bringing them up, you
reminded me of a question I've been meaning to ask. I'm a serious
sucker for series following professional criminals, but there aren't too
many of them. So can anyone help me find more?

Here are the ones I know of: Max Alan Collins' Nolan series; Disher's
Wyatt series; and, of course, Stark's (Westlake's) Parker series (and,
sorta, his Grofield series). And then there are a lot of one-shot
capers like White's The Killing. I'm interested in them, too, but am I
unaware of any series?

Tying this somewhat to the discussion of hardboied going on, I've always
found it fascinating that these crime series are really books of
professionalism, all of these successful (anti?) heroes are pure
professionals, just like the private eyes. Although they are not as
"moral" as most of the private eyes, they do have their codes (for
instance, the thought process each time Parker decides whether or not to
kill someone, will it accomplish his goal or will it bring more
trouble?). One of the main components of these books is the
professional's disdain for amateurism--Parker tries to walk away from
working with amateurs (although there is usually a double-crosser in the
crew) and Wyatt has to be seriously in need of a job to be forced to
work with one. There is this beautiful speech in the latest Wyatt where
he expresses his contempt for what the professional criminal has become,
basically just a bunch of junkies.

So, can anyone help me find more?


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