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Mon, 27 Jul 1998 11:43:22 -0400 I liked it ... was pleasantly surprised actually and will most likely either
tape it or watch it when it repeats tomorrow night ... is it Marlowe? Eh, it
could be ... at least one way he could have turned out. I haven't read the
novel version and since I never expect nor should anyone expect for that
matter that a movie adaptation be the same as the book it doesn't bother
me. I read the book adaptations of both the movies SEVEN and TWELVE MONKEYS
... these were written after the fact (using the script) and they didn't
follow the movie either on little things. I've started reading how-to books
on screen writing and they are very specific about the fact that it
shouldn't be the same ... no real logical reason other than the concept that
it can't be down the same way ... no shit ... there are differences which
you expect, but changing a character from being married in their back story
to not being married (in the case of SEVEN) is totally pointless.

Frank A. Salamone wrote:

> Has anyone else seen the mutilated version of Poodle Springs that HBO
> put out? I had been looking forward with great anticipation for a
> few months. I had to re-read the book to get the bad taste out of my
> mouth. Why did they change Linda Loring's character? Why screw up the
> plot? Oh, well, I hope Parker made some cash out of it.

volente Deo,

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