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Mon, 27 Jul 1998 20:56:31 +1000 Stephen Holden wrote:
> >>Another, really good non-U.S. writer is Australian
> Peter Corris, with his Cliff Hardy series, set in Sydney, Australia.<<
> Glad to hear soemone else likes the Cliff hardy books. It's always
> surprised me that there isn't more hardboiled writing coming out of
> Australia. It seems to me that many aspects of the national character
> fit the hardboiled mould - cynicism, independence, colourful language,
> male camaraderie...
> Are there any Aus hardbolied writers anyone can recommend?

Gary Disher has written a series of excellent books including "Paydirt",
"Kickback" and "Crosskill" all dealing with Wyatt : a usually hard done
by armed robber. They share some similarities to the Parker novels
(heists going wrong, a self posessed anti-hero, etc) but Wyatt is a
little less of a cardboard tough guy. Highly recommended...

Other than that, in recent years there's been a bit of a flurry in the
hard boiled stakes but most of these are fairly ordinairy. The best of
the bunch would probably be John Dale's "Dark Angel"...

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