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Jiro Kimura (jkimura@nsknet.or.jp)
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 17:23:45 +0900 Kevin Smith wrote:
>And now, here's a question for all you Rare Birds out there: what two
>books, by Donald Westlake and Joe Gores, respectively, share an entire
>chapter? I was under the impression it was Drowned Hopes and 32 Cadillacs,
>but according to a conversation with Gores, related to me by another
>visitor to this list, his book was Dead Skip, not Cadillacs...does anyone
>know the Westlake book, then? I'm reasonaly sure it was a Dortmunder novel.

Surely, _Drowned Hopes_ (1990), a Dortmunder novel by Donald Westlake, and
_32 Cadillacs_ (1992), a DKA novel by Joe Gores, share a chapter. Also,
about 20 years ago, _Dead Skip_ (1972), the first DKA novel by Gores, share
a chapter with _Plunder Squad_ (1972), a Parker novel by Richard Stark (aka
Westlake). Also, _The Blackbird_ (1969), an Alan Grofield novel by Stark,
shares a chapter with _Slayground_ (1971), another Parker novel. Of
course, these shared chapters are not exactly the same, but describe the
same situations from different points of view.

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