Re: RARA-AVIS: Non-U.S. Writers, chocolates and various filler...

Mario Taboada (
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 02:22:36 +0000 Kevin Smith:

<<And now, here's a question for all you Rare Birds out there: what two
books, by Donald Westlake and Joe Gores, respectively, share an entire
chapter? I was under the impression it was Drowned Hopes and 32
Cadillacs, but according to a conversation with Gores, related to me by
another visitor to this list, his book was Dead Skip, not
Cadillacs...does anyone know the Westlake book, then? I'm reasonaly sure
it was a Dortmunder novel.>>

I read _Drowned Hopes_ very recently and _Dead Skip_ about 10 years ago.
I can't believe that they share a chapter ( I assume you mean word for
word?). However, Joe Gores himself *is* mentioned in the book as an
authority on marine salvage. In any case, if it's a full chapter it
shouldn't be hard to spot...

By the way, Joe Gores is a master who is not sufficiently recognized by
the general public (though he has certainly received a lot of critical
acclaim). There is an affinity with Westlake - I'm not surprised that
they are friends.


Mario Taboada
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