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Fri, 24 Jul 1998 22:27:36 -0400 (EDT) On Fri, 24 Jul 1998, PhantomPhan wrote:

: Could someone let me know how often a book is selected for reading
: and discussion and when the next novel is due?

It's a book a month, and a list goes out every Sunday night. I try to
make sure books are planned out for the next month or two. There's a
backlog of suggestions and the choices get picked from there.
We try to stick to titles in print.

: I'm currently reading one of John Sandford's "Prey" series with
: detective Lucas Davenport. I'm enjoying this series so far. Is
: this type of novel appropriate for rara-avis, or are we limited to
: the classics, ala Hammett and Chandler, et. al.?

We do spend a lot of time on the classics, but lots of subscribers
have favourite contemporary hardboiled writers. I don't know anything
about those Prey books, but perhaps you could say what's hardboiled
about them?

Welcome to the list!


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