RARA-AVIS: Out of Sight and other new films

ejm duggan (ejmd@mcmail.com)
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 11:22:38 -0700 The recommendations for _Out of Sight_ make me want to see it. I don't
know if it's out yet over here---I'll look out for it.

Yesterday I saw _The Big Lebowski_ at the cinema.
Not a 'serious film', but very enjoyable nontheless.
At first I thought the lead character (played by Jeff Bridges) was Billy
Conolly but the cut to a close-shot proved me wrong ;-)
Two elderly ladies sat in front, white haired both, (I kid you not) and
they laughed and hooted along with the rest of the audience through the
film with an obligatory fuck-in-every-line-of-the-script and funny

Hard-boiled (well bleak social backdrop with violence and drug use to
the fore), English, kind of serious, and new out on video is _Nil By
I don't know if it's out yet anywhere else than the UK, but it's a
must-see for you all.


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