RARA-AVIS: On posting fiction

Frank D (bearlodge@email.msn.com)
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 19:28:24 -0700 Hi, Gang,

Kevin Smith on posting fiction: "But maybe we should have someone ask every
now and then. That was fun." I laughed right out loud at that one. Thank
you, Kevin.

Mario speaks about Harold Adams and recommends him highly. I've enjoyed
Adams a lot and this is a guy whose earlier publisher quit on him. For a
while it didn't look like he'd find a publisher, but Walker came along.
Which suggests that Michael Seidman deserves some praise for his work as
mystery editor there. Thanks, Michael, if you're reading this.

My first day today filling in for a very old friend who owns a bookstore
selling used books. In quiet times I entered mystery fiction into a data
base for selling on the internet. Some fun. Handled a signed Robert Parker
and a signed James Crumley.

Cheers, Frank Denton

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