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Mario Taboada (
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 03:20:05 +0000 <<In a way, film editing has devolved over the years. Some of the
classic silent films are much more sophisticated in their storytelling
than contemporary films that can rely on wonderful new technology. In
fact, show an old expressionistic German silent film ("The Cabinet of
Dr. Caligari," let's say) to a contemporary audience, and I'll bet at
least 80% of the audience will have a difficult time watching it and
figuring out what the heck is going on.>>

I think that overall, the art of film has indeed devolved. It may be a
response to the reduced concentration of the average film-goer, and also
a consequence of the "internationalization" of film as an industry.
Films like those by Robert Bresson or some of Bu=F1uel's, Kurosawa's, and
Bergman's would be unthinkable today.

<,Part of the reason Tarantino became a cinema darling, despite whatever
flaws his films exhibit, is his willingness to play with storytelling
structures and step away from the linear model.>>

This is true. But he is such a master of distortion and exageration that
he simply cannot let a good story tell itself (yes I know). He has
worked with very strong material deserving of more thought and subtlety.
Still, he is just about the only act in town in the genre, so I suppose
I should be grateful under protest. However, if Elmore Leonard ever
wants to take a chance with Carl Franklin ("Devil in a Blue Dress"),
you'll see me at the box office, money in hand and with a big smile on
my face. I always dream of a film version of "Freaky Deaky" directed by


Mario Taboada
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