RARA-AVIS: Out of Sight, Connelly, & Coyote

Frederick Zackel (fzackel@bgnet.bgsu.edu)
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 08:01:56 -0400 (EDT) Greetings y'all

If i want to read fiction, i'll steal it from a crippled newsboy! (Is
that hard-boiled enough?)

I enjoyed Out Of Sight; it may have been the only character-driven summer
movie. Didn't even mind the happy ending. But I noticed many people had
trouble with the flashbacks. Oh, well. Leonard doesn't do well in film;
a tough translation perhaps.

I tried reading the new Connelly book, Blood Work, but gave up within the
first fifty pages. The hero seemed that same self-righteous &
self-pitying prig I've seen in his other works. I'm thinking, this guy
just got a heart transplant and he's kvetching!! So I went and read edna
Buchanan's new book, about a guy who gets a heart transplant. Suddenly
Buchanan's writing a book that's plot-driven and it DRAGS! So I went out
to the library and got a handful of A. W. Gray's Bino books. You'll never
feel the same about Kenneth Starr after you read Bino's nemesis.

I have a thoretical question to ask. Over the last weekend someone
suggested that the American PI is a coyote figure: marginalized,
opportunistic, shifty, etc. Any thoughts?


Frederick Zackel

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