Re: RARA-AVIS: Martha Stewart

Mario Taboada (
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 05:36:38 +0000 I must have been out of it - too absorbed in hardboiled things and the
like - but I hadn't heard of Martha Stewart until my wife decided to
repaint our farmhouse, barns, and so on. Then I started hearing and
reading her name everywhere. She seems to give advice on how to decorate
and remodel, and has launched her own brand of colors. The colors aren't
bad, though they are clearly directed at the yuppie guppy. For a while,
there was also a book by her lying around. Shit, I may even end up
painting my house one of those indefinite yellow-brown pastels. To think
that I wanted burnt orange or harvest red...

I have reread the Willeford book - comments tomorrow or the day after.


Mario Taboada (who thinks this post minimally qualifies as a raravian
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