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Kevin Smith (
Mon, 20 Jul 1998 10:37:37 -0500 I agree with Mario, and I think he had the right to question the policy. If
we open this list to fiction, it'll be a mess. Imagine scrolling through
pmiles of a message because some Chandler-wannabe or some Ellroyesque sick
puppy from high school has posted his 600-page novel?

There are places on the web to post this sorta stuff, and it's quite easy
to set up your own webpage, if you want to go that route (it must be
easy--I've done it). Keep the list for discussion.

Actually, it just occurred to me, that if there's anyone interested in
sending me a hardboiled P.I. short story or a sample chapter from an
upcoming novel, I might be convinced to post it on my site. It could be a
regular column, something like the Gumshoe Read of the Month or something.
Maybe interested writers could contact me...

But let's keep the list for discussion.

Kevin Smith
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