RARA-AVIS: On posting fiction

ejm duggan (ejmd@mcmail.com)
Mon, 20 Jul 1998 11:18:21 -0700 AFAIK, there *is* a list policy.
It's been mentioned several times in the past, and also on this current
thread. It's simply this: don't post fiction.
If would-be posters have something of potential interest to rara-avians
it has always been my understanding that simply posting a URL and
drawing attention to any such material is welcome. Posting the material
itself (creative writing, fiction, sound, images etc) is not.

It has also been pointed out in this thread that specific web sites
exist to host creative writing. That's what there for, so use 'em.
This list, AFAIA, is a discussion list.

It also seems that this current problem is occurring in the wake of the
arrival of a new set of subscribers / Dot-L refugees. Is this the case
Bill? If so, I would suggest that clear guidelines are set up to advise
newbies who clearly don't know what the fm is, let alone begun to rtfm.
If not, I hope I have not caused offence to new friends :-)


BTW Bill,
is it possible to set up a filter to auto-bounce posts with quote-lines
outnumbering non-quote (ie original) lines? Just a thought ;-)

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