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Mario Taboada (
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 05:59:35 +0000 <<In short, Rex Stout produced a hybrid of the two, and depending upon
the reader's expectations, the series could easily be taken solely as a
cozy because of Wolfe's exaggerated role. >>

I think that "midboiled" is a good term for Stout's work. Another writer
who worked in a similar hybrid style is George Harmon Coxe. I have
already mentioned that some time ago I bought a box of books that had
about thirty Coxe novels in it. I've read six or seven, and they are
very good if not earth-shattering. He did some very hardboiled stuff
early on, then developed his mature style, which sold well. I am
impressed with Coxe's professionalism - he turned out one book after
another, none of them less than good. There's got to be a prize for that
kind of steady quality, even if he didn't reach the peaks of a Chandler
or a Hammett.


Mario Taboada
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